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POOL ONLY: Pool Memberships require a one time $300 initiation fee. Yearly pool dues are $500 due in May if paid in full or you have the option of going on a twelve month bank draft of $42/monh for 12 months (May-April). Pool memberships are single family memberships.

FITNESS CENTER ONLY:  NO initiation fee and monthly bank draft of $35 for one member, $47 for two family members and $59 for three family members. Additional family members are $10 each. The Fitness Center is for persons 18 and older. Teenagers 13-17 must be members and accompanied by a parent or a certified personal trainer approved by the Club. Children 12 and under are not allowed.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Fitness Center members who elect to add a pool membership at a later date will be responsible for the initiation fee at that time.
POOL& FITNESS CENTER: $300 initiation fee with a monthly bank draft of $51 for one family member and $63 for two family members. Additional family members using the fitness center will be an additional $10.The pool membership covers ALL family members as stated in the pool only option.